High Level Strategies to Achieve the Mission


The goal of this program is to create a cultural incubator for Mesopotamian crafts and arts with the following roles:

a) establish interest and collaboration to work towards achieving the shared vision of Al Beit Al Iraqi;

b) build cross discipline task forces to start on different projects within the program;

c) nurture self-esteem and self-worth within the Iraqi communities by creating a sense of belonging and dignity;

d) boost cultural unity and cohesiveness by having the cultural aspects of Iraq brought to life in one integrated physical and virtual space;

e) reduce ethnic, class and sectarian divide by encouraging cross community collaboration while respecting individual characteristics and positive values;

f) foster human development, interdependency and healthy competition;

g) create social awareness of endangered Iraqi culture and Iraqi traditional crafts;

h) facilitate community problem solving by adapting creative frameworks of design thinking to the urgent needs of the Iraqi society;

i) provide an open space for local entrepreneurs and specialists interested in Iraqi crafts to exchange ideas and best practices to enrich Iraqi crafts;

j) connect the younger generations to their original heritage through teaching methodologies that encourage collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and game-based learning;

k) culturally revitalize Al Rasheed street as an important area in Iraqi history and present;

l) understand the challenges of today’s world and converting them to opportunities for development;

m) revive Iraqi cultural tourism, both internally and externally;

n) provide the craftsmen and heritage specialists with suitable channels to connect them with the outside world and share their stories in an economical way using latest technologies; and

o) provide a virtual and physical space for the craftsmen to display and sell selected items of their work, based on specific criteria that emphasizes on quality, creativity, innovation and sustainability.

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