Al-Bait Al-IRAQI

The Space

The Hart in the Mind & The Mind in the Hart of The Habit of Civilization, IRAQ .
1. A living, innovative, proactive, constructive engagement project that informs, explore, recognizes, Celebrates, honors and demonstrates IRAQ a habit of civilization and it’s affinity to the Air, water and Earth that we share in the universe.
2. Gathering place.
3. Positive space.
4. Mental and Physical engagement .
5. Innovative atmosphere and Environment to learn, teach, experience, explore and create.
6. An evolving project modeling love and belonging, autonomy, significance, truth and recognition.


The building of Al Beit Al Iraqi lies in the, East Gate of Baghdad, next to Al Jamhuria Bridge, opposite to the building called The Turkish Restaurant (until 2003). Al Beit Al Iraqi is between the End of Al Rasheed Str., and the eastern bank of the Tigris river, as one moves from Rasheed Str. To Abu Nuas Str.. It is the plot before the last before the bridge. The plot carries the Tapoo land registration numbers (456/1 with an area of 173.67 m2, 254/1 with an area of 733.0 m2 and A458/1 with an area of 163 m2).

Spatial Dimension relation to the mission

• An old house of an Iraqi Noblemen – Yaseen Al Khedairy – constructed in the early 20th century, and currently owned by his daughter, Amal Al Khedhairy
• Located in an a vital area in the living history of current Iraq and its current events, Namely Al Rasheed street,
• Surrounded by many historical buildings originally owned by Al Khedairy brothers
• Its traditional flair (built in a traditional Baghdadi way – with a central courtyard (garden));
• a division into a private area (Haram) and public area (Diwan)
• the utilization of wooden columns and firestone brick for foundations and structure with arabesque themes for the arches and windows;
• the design and construction been solely done by the owner, mason and carpenter with role for a structural engineer or architect, and
• continuity from past to present exemplified by the participation of three generations in the renovation of Al Beit Al Iraqi.
These spatial aspects make the building an ideal location for a partnership effort to kick start the process of the cultural revitalization of Al Rasheed Street.

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